Board of Directors

Our Association is led by an elected Board of Directors consisting of six officers, the immediate past President of RABE (ex officio, non-voting), and four additional directors chosen from among our members.

Officers serve one-year terms and carry out the administrative duties of the organization. (Click here to see a description of the Officer duties.) The four other directors are elected for alternating, two-year terms and assist the officers with planning activities and establishing policies for RABE.

2018 Board of Directors

President David Jolley
Allen C. Ewing
1st Vice-President
(event planning,
event logistics)
Chuck Peterson
Greater Richmond Partnership Inc.

2nd Vice-President

Paul Daniels
Virginia Employment Commission

SecretaryAnn Lang
Virginia Employment Commission
Andy McLean
FirstBank of Virginia
Board Member
2017 & 2018
Santiago Pinto
Richmond Federal Reserve Bank
Board Member
2017 & 2018
Darrell Tyler
Longwood University
Board Member
2018 & 2019

Mike Eisenman
Virginia Commonwealth University,
School of Business
Board Member
2018 & 2019
Michael Gilbert
Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission
Board Member
2018 & 2019

My Lan Tran
Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce

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